How to Hear God 

Wednesday, January 24th


Is ‘hearing from’ God even a thing?  Hearing from God is meant to be a normative part of Christian experience!  It might be that sense in your gut through prayer, it might be that voice in your mind that seems different from your own, it might come through the voice of Scripture or the counsel of a godly sister in Christ, it might even be through circumstances or something that happens.

God speaks to his people in many ways.  The job of the Holy Spirit is to declare to us the things of God; the Spirit of God testifying to our own Spirit as Romans 8 declares.  Our job is to listen, to listen for his voice, as Jesus reminds us in John 10.

How do we do that better?  This is what our new Wednesday night series is about!  The course, led by Bev Mueffelmann and Bill Steinberg, will be based on the book How to Hear God for Normal People by Pete Greig.  The book and class will explore different ways we can begin to listen and hear God’s voice.  Some of these ways you are probably already aware of, some might be new.  It should be an interesting class, with hands-on application as well as instruction.  Don’t miss it!

The class will be meeting each Wednesday night beginning January 24th at 6:30pm.  To participate, please get a copy of the book listed above.  Each session begins with a shared appetizers at 6:30, followed by the class.