In January we will begin a congregation-wide study and effort “The Ordinary Ways of God,” focused on the Book of Ruth.

Beginning January 3rd, each day parishioners will receive a short devotional from The Ordinary Ways of God book by David Roseberry. Here is an excerpt from the Prologue: “…We do not need frequent miraculous moments to convince us God is involved in our lives. Instead, we can see and sense God’s presence and direction in our ordinary, daily affairs.”

Along with the devotional emails, a four-week sermon series starting January 9th will highlight themes presented in the book. 

As we grow still more weary from, yet hope to be emerging from the pandemic, “The Ordinary Ways of God” is intended to be a journey we take together as a church family.  As we resume normal/new normal activities, may “The Ordinary Ways of God” teach us to look for and to see God at work in the small and everyday places in our lives.

If you are not a regular parishioner but would like to receive the daily devotionals, please email and we would be happy to include you.