Greetings from Oregon!  My mini-family reunion has gone well and is almost at an end.  I look forward to being with all of you again this coming Sunday.

My time here with family has been a reminder of the wondrous cycle of life.  We celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday with gusto for several days, and today my grandnephew Benjamin celebrates his 1st birthday!  He has learned to walk over the last few days and is most proud and pleased at his accomplishment.  He is a joy to watch, and my mom is a joy to be around. It is a gift to be able to celebrate both length of days and the beginning of life here with family.

We have been on the Oregon coast, and the weather has cooperated with mostly sunny skies.  We have enjoyed several hikes, walks on the beach, and today whale watching and crabbing are on the agenda!

See you Sunday!