This week, the RezKidz will be starting a new curriculum for their Sunday lessons. Created by St. Matthews Anglican Church in Canada, the Kingdom Story curriculum covers 28 stories from the Bible. As the creators say, the curriculum shows how together these stories “weave the rich tapestry of the history of God’s people and the unfolding of the Kingdom of God on earth.”

This curriculum contains many elements that will allow the children to understand, engage with, and apply the Biblical messages to their own lives. These include memory verses, prayer times, acting out the stories, and more. As adapted for our church setting and and used over the course of about a year, the Kingdom Story curriculum will play an important role in providing consistency, structure, and age-appropriate teaching to our children in pursuit of our goal of instilling in them knowledge of their faith and a deep love of Jesus.

Each week’s lesson topic will be posted on the RezKidz hub, and the children will bring home a handout with the story summary and some activities every Sunday so families can go over the stories with their children and help them learn the memory verse.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Ruth Hawk or call her at 978-412-5025.