Midweek Musings

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Trinity Sunday

FROM 05/24/2018 The thought of speaking on Trinity Sunday horrifies most preachers. There is good reason for this, for the Trinity remains a mystery that must be revealed to us and ultimately appropriated by faith. But this does not mean we should remain silent or...

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05/17/2018 This might belong in the “Why Do We Do That?” category. Today we find ourselves in one of those difficult in between times in the Liturgical calendar. The Day of the Ascension was a week ago last Thursday. Christ returned to heaven and instructed his...

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The Starting Point

The Starting Point

05/03/2018 We all have fears whenever the term “evangelism” is mentioned: -I have to master huge amounts of apologetics information. -I feel I need a different personality than the one God gave me. -I believe it is a challenge I could never rise to. -I don’t want to...

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Getting Ready

04/26/2018 Imagine you are getting ready for a trip. Then imagine getting ready for that same trip knowing you will need to carry everything you need with you. Add to that the realization space is extremely limited and every extra ounce of weight you bring matters. If...

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