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‘Good Questions’ Summer Sermon Series

‘Good Questions’ Summer Sermon Series

June 21, 2018 Have you ever had a question about faith or about something you read in the Bible? Have you ever asked someone about it, and the response you got was “That’s a good question…” followed by a less than adequate response? We all have things we wonder about,...

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Dealing With Identity Theft (2)

June 14, 2018 Last week I wrote about learning to value holiness over happiness as a way of dealing with spiritual identity theft. Our culture values personal happiness above all else, and “being happy” has become an acceptable, even laudable, end in itself. Yet the...

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Dealing With Identity Theft

June 7, 2018 Last week I wrote about having my Face Book account hacked by an imposter, and how that unfortunate episode got me thinking about how the world seeks (and too easily succeeds) to undermine who we are in Christ, and steal away our true spiritual identity....

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On Being Hacked

On Being Hacked

May 31, 2018 Last Friday I was hacked. Someone got into my Face Book account and sent out Messages to my unsuspecting FB Friends. The Messages purported to be from me but they were not. An imposter took over my account, and my identity had been stolen. I do not post...

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