The evening will begin on April 13 with dinner at 6:30. Shortly after 7pm, the Agape portion of the evening will start, followed by Holy Communion. Short teaching segments will come at different parts of the evening.  There will be no formal class that evening.

Join us for any part of the evening!  We intend to finish around 8:15, which will make it easier for young children to attend!

The committee has a special evening planned, beginning with a unique table arrangement that reflects the purpose and theme of the evening. Teaching will center around both the Agape Meal tradition (which the earliest Christians practiced), and Passover themes.  It all flows from Jesus’ command that we love one other, the command from which Maundy (as in mandate or command) Thursday derives it’s name!

A special meal is also in the works, and we need your help!  Here’s what is on the menu.

  • Main dishes: Lamb Stew and Chicken n Dumplings
  • Side dishes: Pita bread, Salad, Deviled eggs, Green beans, Hummus, Shortbread or plain cookies

Look for a sign up sheet in church on Sunday if you are able to provide a dish or side!