The RezMen decided it was time to order some new lawn signs to let people driving by know about the Chicken Dinner coming up September 29th. I ordered the signs in mid August and waited for them to arrive. I got an email from the sign company telling me the signs had been shipped. And so I waited. I waited and waited, and still no sign of the signs…

With the Dinner soon approaching I started to get a little nervous about this, so yesterday I called the sign company. A nice lady at the other end of the line informed me that UPS confirmed delivery to my address. “I still don’t have them.” I replied.”No problem” She said. “Let me see what I can do.” While I was on hold I decided to take another look. And there behind the trash can and tucked under my side porch was a cardboard box. “It can’t be…” I thought to myself. But it was indeed, the signs were inside the box!

The box had been there for three weeks and I walked by it several times a day, simply assuming it was trash. I don’t recall putting the box there myself, but this isn’t something one is likely to remember anyway – it’s trash. I have no idea why the UPS delivery person didn’t prop the shipment up against my door as one would expect. It seems odd that person decided to hide the package behind a big trash can, but the fault is mine in the end. The delivery had been made on schedule. The signs I had been looking for were hidden in plain sight, and in my preoccupied comings and goings I failed to recognize they were there.

It is tempting to make the point of this article to be about the signs from God that are hidden in plain sight. Since I made a similar point in a Musings article not long ago, I will give it only passing mention here.

Instead, I want to focus on the good things in life, the blessings and gifts we pass by everyday but no longer see. In our preoccupied comings and goings, and by the faulty assumptions we make, we miss recognizing and acknowledging them. I assumed the box behind my trash can was simply trash and never gave it a second thought. I had no idea the box behind my trash was the shipment I had been anxiously waiting for!

And so it is with many aspects of our lives. We are so busy doing and pursuing we miss what is outside (or inside) our own back door. What are some of the good things, even things you looking and waiting and hoping for, that are hidden in plain sight? Will you open your eyes and your heart to see them anew?

Chicken Dinner Ticket Reporting
The RezMen have done a great job selling tickets for the Chicken Dinner on September 29th, and we have opened it up to others as well. Great, the RezMen appreciate the help!

Now we need to hear from you. If you have extra sold tickets for the event to family & friends, please email Don Williams at and let him know by Monday night:
      -How many tickets you have sold
      -How many of these will be picking up Dinners

CTR Coffee Mugs for Sale

We now have some spiffy coffee mugs emblazoned with our CTR logo! We are offering them to anyone who would like one for $5! The mugs are high quality and dishwasher safe. The first chance for you to purchase one will be this Sunday, September 24th.

Our coffee mug sale is actually a BOGO (Buy One, Give One). By purchasing your own mug for $5, you are actually buying an additional mug that we will give to first time visitors and guests. Along with the mugs, visitors will get a packet of Land of a Thousand Hills Rwandan coffee, a CTR magnet and flyers, and candy. By getting a mug, you are helping us present our guests with a nice gift and remembrance of CTR – you are helping us make a great first impression. Get your CTR coffee mug soon!

See you Sunday!