Church of The Resurrection’s COVID-19 Safety Protocol


July 31, 2021

Starting August 1st, masks will be required for all attending in-person services at CTR, regardless of your vaccination status.  Until further notice, even those who are fully vaccinated will need to wear masks.

Why are we taking this step?

We can blame the Delta variant of Covid-19, coupled with a lower vaccination rate in NC.  Wake County is currently in the high transmission category, along with most of NC.

Data is showing that vaccinated people who get Covid (the “Breakthrough” cases which is currently at around 6%) tend to have milder cases.  Yet data is also showing vaccinated people pass on the Delta variant at the same rate as un-vaccinated people do.  For vaccinated and un-vaccinated alike, the Delta variant is highly contagious, much more than earlier strains.

At CTR, we have members who are susceptible to more severe symptoms should they get Covid.  We have children, who are at a higher risk with Delta.  Many of us are out in the community, where transmission rates are high.  For these reasons, going back to mask wearing is the right thing to do.  For us, wearing a mask is a mark of Christian love.

Masks will be available at the front door if you do not have one.

We will continue to have hand sanitizing stations and we will be spacing chairs in family groupings.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.