I apologize we are a little late in getting the word out.  All I can say is such matters are the sole discretion of the bishop, and Bishop Wood says now is the time!  On July 11th, Steve Savia is being ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests!  The Ordination will take place 7pm at Holy Trinity Church, Raleigh.  There is one other Candidate being ordained to the priesthood along with Steve, and three being ordained as Deacons.

This is a big moment for Steve and Janet, and a big moment for all of us at CTR.  Due to a previously scheduled family reunion celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday in Oregon, I am saddened (and frankly a bit frustrated) I will not be able to attend.  All CTR is invited!  If you are in town, I urge you to come.   It will be a powerful and moving service, and a big support to Janet and Steve to have their CTR family with them at the service.

Here is more important information for you to know:
A coordinator at Holy Trinity has not yet been identified, but we have been told our help with the reception would be appreciated.  Look for word from Steve Westcott (our new Reception Coordinator at CTR, btw) on what is needed and what you might bring.

Gift Offering
I know many at CTR will want to help us present Steve and Janet ordination gifts from CTR.  A special offering is being set up for that purpose.  You may donate on Sundays or at any time.  Please be sure to mark your check “Savia” or “Ordination” on the memo line.  Steve and Janet have served CTR faithfully and well and without pay.  This is one way we can express our thanks to them, and bless them in future ministry!

Following his ordination July 11th, Steve will be out of town
the following Sunday July 16th.  Steve’s first opportunity to preside at the Lord’s Table is July 23rd, and we have him scheduled as Celebrant on that day!  Plan to be there if you can.

It goes without saying, but I bid your prayers for Steve and Janet as the Ordination nears.

Finally, here is a short note from Steve:
For the past year I have served as Deacon at the Church of The Resurrection in Fuquay-Varina/Holly Springs. It is my privilege to focus on assisting with the administration and congregational care of the Church.
God has enriched my life here through constantly growing relationships built on our faith, sharing, praying, laughing, and even grieving together. Activities and events, welcoming new members, saying farewell to members moving far away, and the addition of young families, children and teens, blesses my ministry “immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine”.

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 7pm I will be ordained at Holy Trinity Anglican Church into the Holy Order of Priests of the Anglican Church in North America by Bishop Steve Wood. This is the fulfillment of what for Janet and me is God’s very clear call. All praise, honor, and glory be unto Him, Father Son and Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen

“Even” is Enough
In the short Gospel passage for this coming Sunday, Jesus says “If anyone gives even a cup of cold water … he will not lose his reward” (Matthew 10:42).  Inclusion of the word “even” here indicates Jesus is aware that giving a cup of water is a simple act and a small thing.  Yet doing so is enough, now as well as then!

We often think of discipleship as demanding from us big sacrifices and bold actions.  Sometimes it might!  But most of the time our faith is shown through small, everyday actions and responses.  An act of kindness and mercy, showing love and forgiveness or encouragement and a listening ear– these things count more than we imagine!

In this passage, Jesus is telling us there is no such thing as a small gesture.  Not in his book, anyway!  In fact, the opposite is true.  The small, unnoticed acts we do out of love for others and devotion to the Lord echo throughout the ages!  Our God sees and notices what we do.

In God’s eternal eyes, little deeds matter greatly.  They are not significant in themselves, and good deeds alone cannot save us.  What matters is our motivation.  If we act out of love for Him, the world God made and loves so much, and the people the Lord has placed in our lives, our small “even” acts are more than enough!  Keep looking for opportunities to bless others in simple ways.  There are no small gestures in the Kingdom of God!

See you Sunday!