Our upcoming Fat Tuesday Party is going to be fun for all at CTR. I hope you can come!  But it is more true to say the Fat Tuesday Party is really a party for others.  The Visibility Team has designed this event as a fun party that will serve as an easy introduction to CTR.  The Visibility Team first discussed having a “Bring a Friend to Church” day.  But in talking about it, we became aware that this is a big step to ask people to make.  In talking further about the type of event it would be easier to invite someone to attend, the Fat Tuesday idea came into focus. So here we are…  See more information about the Fat Tuesday Party here.

What we need is YOU! Please plan on attending the Fat Tuesday Party on February 28th, 6:30pm at church. More importantly, we ask you to invite someone to come with you!  Who might you ask?  A friend, neighbor, co-worker, or even a family member.  Please try to focus on people who are not active in a church of their own.  We have little invitation cards for you to extend to people along with your invitation. Pick a few up this Sunday, and begin thinking about who you might invite.

A “Bring a Friend” Sunday will happen in the future.  The Fat Tuesday Party is a first step in the process, the process of learning what it means for us to begin to “joyfully share him with others”.  A simple invitation to a fun event is the place for us to begin.  Are we up to the challenge?

See you Sunday!