Midweek Musings

Each week, the Rev. Dr. Bill Steinberg shares thoughts and ruminations. Check back often for updates, or follow our Facebook page!

The Bigger Part of the Book

The Bigger Part of the Book

Yes, that book! Grab any Bible and you will see the Old Testament comprises roughly 2/3 of Scripture. This is the first and major installment of the story of our salvation, yet most Christians are woefully ignorant of the Old Testament! We do know most of the great...

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Fall Preview

As I mentioned in previous Musings, it is going to be a busy fall at CTR! I will say more and give additional information in Musings as each event draws near, but I want to give a preview and overview of major events that are coming up: September 10th : Youth Group...

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Swerving Cars & Burning Bushes

Swerving Cars & Burning Bushes

Last Saturday I almost wrecked my new-to-me car Eleanor (Ellie the Element). It was my own fault. I was driving on Lake Wheeler Road and for some reason decided right then would be a good time to look at and review a pamphlet I just picked up from Staples... I reached...

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The Danger of Comfort

The Danger of Comfort

Comfort is the new American value it seems. From shoes to clothes, chairs to automobiles, air conditioning to conversing through text or social media (instead of face to face), comfort and ease is what we value most. I'm there too! I enjoy watching old TV shows (Perry...

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