Midweek Musings

Each week, the Rev. Dr. Bill Steinberg shares thoughts and ruminations. Check back often for updates, or follow our Facebook page!

Watching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting

I mentioned in last Musings that with Hallowthankmas in full swing, Advent is a counter-cultural, resistant thing for us to do.  Since I’m uncertain I will be able to post Musings over the next two weeks (see article below) I explain myself further here. On one level,...

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Thanksgiving Support for F-V Food Pantry

Thanksgiving Support for F-V Food Pantry

CTR has developed a close partnership with the F-V Emergency Food Pantry over the years. In that time, the Food Pantry has been most gracious to us! Did you know that the Food Pantry does the intake on our IITB recipients, verifying need and clarifying the number of...

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Where Do We Fit In?

Where Do We Fit In?

As I mentioned in Musings last week, this past Tuesday, October 31st marked the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In the midst of all the articles and news surrounding this milestone, it is natural for us to wonder “Where do we fit in as Anglicans?” I...

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Your Photo

10/26/2017 I saw you the other day as I walked by, a faded graduation photo on the dashboard of a truck that no longer runs. Covered now in grime and droppings and moss, the truck was yours -- back when you were -- a father’s gift to his oldest son. You are forever...

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