Can I attend?
If you have interest in Alpha and think it might be helpful, by all means come! No one is prohibited from attending, regardless how active you are at Church of the Resurrection. If you want to come, join us!

Alpha is designed for those who have questions about, or who would like to become clearer about issues such as Who Is Jesus? Why Did Jesus Die? Why and How Do I Pray? If you would like to find out more such questions, join us!

Then What Should I Do?
Think about someone you know who is open to learning more about the Christian faith. Pray for them, extend an invitation, and then attend Alpha with them!

What Time is Alpha?
Alpha will be from 6-8pm Sunday evenings at Church of the Resurrection beginning September 17th. Our first session is an introductory celebration – a perfect opportunity for those who simply want to check it out. The first regular session starts on September 24th.

How Long is Alpha?
Alpha is about eleven weeks. Our final session will be just before or the week after Thanksgiving. There is also Friday night – Saturday in town retreat focusing on the Holy Spirit scheduled for November 10-11. More information will be given to participants once Alpha begins.

What Happens at Alpha?
The format for each session is the same. We will have a meal together, watch a short video presentation, and then divide into smaller groups for conversation and exploration. Alpha is designed to be a safe place where all responses and questions are welcome!

Where Can I Learn More?
More information can be found here:

How Do I Sign Up?
We have created a sign up on MemberHub which you can get to here:
Also look for registration forms at Church on Sunday.